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Do I need to Sign In/Log In to get started with you?2021-03-06T18:38:46+06:00

No. Please just submit your contact information using our contact form or call us directly. We’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

Can I get a Free Trial with you?2021-03-06T18:39:45+06:00

Yes, of course. Use this link to get a free trial for up to 2 of your images so you can understand whether we are a good fit.

How Can I Contact with You?2021-03-06T18:40:31+06:00

We are available 24/7/365 to hear you. Please call us directly using the number +1-315-636-4807 or use our contact form.

Which Image File Formats You Accept?2021-03-06T18:41:10+06:00

We are open to accepting all image file formats. Please just let us know which formats you want to receive in delivery.

Quality & Satisfaction:

Is it possible to get a refund if I’m not satisfied?2021-03-06T18:51:53+06:00

You will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the delivered images. Rest assured, we focus on quality work and long-term relationship

Do You Have Quality Assurance Process?2021-03-06T18:51:08+06:00

We maintain 3 steps quality control process throughout the workflow. It minimizes the revision and ensures the finest quality of edited images.

Image Upload & Download:

Is It Safe To Use FTP?2021-03-06T18:58:11+06:00

Yes, 100% undoubtedly. It is a paid file transferring protocol which is highly secured. We know the value of your images and we are committed to receive your files with highest security and confidentiality.

How Do I Download The Completed Images?2021-03-06T18:57:34+06:00

We will create a profile on our FTP server for you with specific login info, where we will keep all your ready images. We will provide you that log in info so that you can easily download your images from our FTP server.

How Do I Know My Photos Are Ready To Download?2021-03-06T18:56:57+06:00

Clients will be notified via email once the images will be ready to download from our server.

How Can I Upload My Files?2021-03-06T18:55:08+06:00

You can transfer your images to Offshore Clipping by using the Dropbox. The file upload capacity is a maximum of 500GB, you can upload the file by adding them in a single zip file; 5 files can be uploaded at a time, each file could be maximum 10GB.

An automatic alert will go simultaneously to you as well as the OCP production after uploading is completed. For more, please visit our upload page.

Our Services:

What Is Your Turnaround Time?2021-03-06T19:01:10+06:00

Well, it depends on image quality, quantity and level of complexity. When we send our price quotes, we will inform you the required time frame for finishing your task. We are committed to complete our work on time.

Are You Open 24 Hours?2021-03-06T19:00:33+06:00

Yes, our team work 24/7 and 365 days. We work not only in the day but also at night so that our team can provide your work on due time. For this, you can also reach us on the US holidays.

Do You Have A Rush Delivery System?2021-03-06T18:59:54+06:00

Whenever it is necessary to process a large number of images within a very short period of time, our rush service is the best solution. This service provides a special facility to get the work done quickly.


Do You Offer Volume Discounts?2021-03-06T19:04:07+06:00

Yes we do! For bulk order

How Much Do You Charge Per Image?2021-03-06T19:03:35+06:00

You can view our price lists at our website. However, it is subjected to image quantity, quality, required time. So, we request you send your queries at contact@offshoreclippingpath.com


What Is Your Payment System?2021-03-06T19:05:38+06:00

We have a secure and hassle free payment system. Payment can be completed via PayPal using credit cards. We also accept checks from our US clients or transaction via traditional banking is also available.

About OCP:

Who Do You Work With?2021-03-06T19:11:45+06:00

We mostly work with top photographers, retailers, e-commerce sites, brands, agencies, catalog companies, web design houses, printing & prepress companies, sport-clothing companies, etc.

Who Are We?2021-03-06T19:07:04+06:00

Offshore Clipping path is a USA based Photoshop clipping path service provider. With an experience of 6 years, it has become one of the leading photo editing company.

With a great team of expert graphic designers and well equipped self-owned production house, we provide world class quality image manipulation services which included image cut out, masking, photo manipulation, glamour retouching, image restoration, pre-press work, advertisement, magazine design etc.

Trusted by over 1100 photographers and companies from…

flags of client country

Enterprise-Grade Solution

3-Steps Quality Control

24/7 Client Support

Transparent Pricing 

Fast Turnaround

Bulk Order Discount


We make it easier for our clients to focus on their creative passions and businesses, while we do the bulk of their photoshop image editing works.