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How Clipping Path Service Provider Helps Your Business Grow?

Serve Quality Product Image

Quality images have enormous importance on online business. As online shoppers don’t get to touch or check the product, images are the only option for them to test. If your product images arent clear, chances are they will move elsewhere. Images clipping path helps you get quality images that apparently hook your potential viewers.

Reach More Audience

In virtual businesses, images are one of the means of communication. Professionals from clipping path companies bring out products’ features, helping the viewers understand those, thus conveying a clear message. This sparks their buying tendency, and they feel like they own that product. Here, edited images play the role of capturing their attention.

Stay Consistent & Professional

Images help promote your activities. They say good products have good images. Photo clipping path services help you get good images. So, people who get to know you will have a positive impression of your product. Also, you will appear as a brand that prioritizes its viewers and is consistent and professional in its activity.

In Our Photo Clipping Path Service, We Ensure-

A platform for photographers, art directors, studio owners, ecommerce businesses to take image clipping path service.

Professional photoshop services are at your fingertip. From receiving to delivery, we ensure your images’ quality is in check.

Get the best clipping path work online anytime to display your product photos in their best light and convince potential viewers.

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Types of Photo Clipping Paths We Provide

Single Layer Path

Single Layer Path is the one with one simple path around the edge of a subject without any complications. This kind of path is mostly used to remove or to change the background from an image. This is one of the most used Clipping Paths because of its easy, quick, and efficient features.


Multi-Layer Path

Multi-Layer Path means creating several clipping paths in one image. So, you understand this kind of path is used to do more complicated work. If you want to edit different parts of an image differently, for instance, doing color correction, toning, removing a particular part, then you’ll need a Multi-Layer Path.

Vector Path

Vector path is basically geometric shapes that are created by connecting dots with straight lines or curves. It creates shapes of the subjects of an image. This kind of path doesn’t have anything to do with pixels, so it doesn’t ruin the resolution of the image even if you resize it.


Quality Photo Editing Service For Professionals

We welcome YOU to TEST our photoshop clipping path services.
Considering images' importance on businesses, our services are expanded for global professionals, businesses, and industries.
So far, clients from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia & more have appreciated our work.
Here’s who worked with us.


You may need images every now and then for different purposes like building your website or for using social platforms. No matter what use you have, getting a professional photo clipping service will give you the upper hand.


Are you a professional photographer? Managing clients, arranging shooting, preparing images to deliver- a lot you have to handle. We can be your ‘friend in need’, hand over the critical photo editing part to us, and focus on your work.

Ecommerce Owners

When it comes to buying, customers want tangibility. E-business doesn’t have that privilege, so it shows quality photos instead. Ecommerce owners know how vital it is. Good quality images help customers understand products and thus pursue them to buy.

Media Company

Probably, the media has vast uses of images. Good photos deliver a good impression. Raw images arent always flawless. That’s where our photo clipping service helps improve your images quality as well as establish connections between you and your audience.

Marketing Agency

Images influence on marketing knows no bounds. Our clipping path service helps you get images your clients love to view so that your brands purposes like telling stories, relaying info & messages, evoking emotion get fulfilled.


Brand reputation matters a lot for enterprises. Every content (text/images/videos) influences their target market. While being there, you have to be thorough with your work, like posting professional images. This is where our clipping path specialist can assist you.

The team at Offshore Clipping have been amazing and I would highly recommend them. Fast, prompt and excellent service. We love working with Jack.

Darren Elliott | AU

Clipping Path Pricing Guidelines

Photoshop works like photo restoration, background removal, image correction, image masking need clipping. Image clipping services aren’t easy to do alone. That's why our round the clock photoshop clipping services are categorized into the following 3 categories-

Simple Clipping Path

$0.29 per image

Product images that have simple objects and shapes involved fall under the simple clipping path, for example- watch, ball, t-shirt, etc. Such images require few anchor points and one or two separate clipping paths, so handling such a project is relatively easy.

Medium Clipping Path

$1.49 per image

Slightly more complex objects and shapes product images go into medium clipping path, such as figurines, shoes, flowers. Such images generally get several edges or curves and therefore need several anchor points. Such works need several times of practice to master.

Complex Clipping Path

$7 per image.

As the name suggests, this is a complex work of time and skill, indeed requires professional experts to handle. Product images like chandeliers, plants, furniture, chain links have various shapes, shadows, multiple edges, and curves that need complex clipping path work.

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Fast turnaround and great service! Will definitely use again for future edits! 5stars.

Angel Leal | US

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