If you’ve spent some time in the photography industry, you’re probably well aware that offering wedding photography services is both a fun and exciting way to grow your business.

However, it’s important to understand what it takes to get it right. Weddings are usually a rare event in a person’s life, so you should be getting it right the first time.

As a photo editing expert, we work with thousands of photographers and learn from the best. We understand what it takes to get the best shots and produce images that position you as a leader in the realm of wedding photography.

Wedding Photography –  Important Things You Need to Know

Today, we’d like to share this information with you – read on for tips on how to master wedding photography:

Bring at Least One Partner to Every Wedding Photography Job

Capturing the perfect image is all about timing, lighting, and having the right angle – to say the least. Hence, bringing a partner along with you to help capture images from multiple angles ensures that you get more (and theoretically…better) shots.

By having a greater selection to choose from, you have more flexibility to throw out poor images.

Wedding Photography Partner

Furthermore, partnering with another wedding photographer allows you more freedom to roam the venue to get the perfect image while your partner is working in another area of the venue.

Verify Your Photography Equipment is Working Beforehand

The day of the wedding is not the right time to check your photography equipment to make sure it is in working condition. Should your equipment fail at the time of the wedding, this would be catastrophic to both you and your client.

Wedding Photography Equipment

Don’t take that risk – check your equipment frequently. Additionally, it’s a great idea to bring an extra camera or lens as a backup just in case. Aside from an extra camera, be sure that you’re bringing the necessary extras like batteries and memory cards.  Also, be sure that have properly cleaned your camera lenses.

Know the Venue

Beautiful scenery helps bring an image to life. Before a wedding event, it helps the photographer to visit the venue and get to know each area of the venue well.

Later on, the photographer might suggest that the newly-wed couple poses by certain areas of the venue for the perfect photograph. Become aware of your surroundings – and make the most of them.

Attending the Rehearsal

This one goes along with getting to know the venue, but it also helps to understand what to expect during the ceremony. An expert photographer knows that attending the wedding rehearsal gives them an opportunity to learn where the couple will be and when.

Hence, they utilize this knowledge to position themselves in the perfect spot to capture an image.

Wedding Photography Rehearsal

Attending the rehearsal also provides you with some time to get to know the couple a little better and establish a relationship with them before their big day.

In addition to that, you get to meet and greet with other participants at the wedding and it helps to develop comfort for both parties.

Lastly, this gives the photographer an opportunity to shine and show their professionalism by going the extra mile. While many photographers are tempted to simply show up for the event, attending the rehearsal to plan your shots lets them know you take your job and their wedding seriously.

wedding photography tips

Photograph the Memorable Moments

Be alert at all times and make sure to catch every first. The first kiss, the first dance, the moment when the bride walks down the aisle – it’s crucial to catch all of these. These moments only happen once in a lifetime – but a beautiful photograph keeps their memory alive forever.

Wedding Photography of Memorable Moments

This is another reason why it’s so important to attend the rehearsal. By performing your due diligence ahead of time and attending, you have a much better idea of the procedures of the event.

Take Plenty of Group Portraits

While it’s the couple’s day, they also want to remember sharing it with their loved ones. Be sure to line up plenty of group photos with the bridal party, family, and friends.

Additionally, take the opportunity to have the bride pose along with her bridesmaids for some photographs. More group shots with the groom and his groomsmen also work very well.

Wedding Photography Group Portraits

Don’t Delete Photographs Prematurely

While many photographers might get the impulse to delete photographs that didn’t’ come out perfectly, remember that photo editing can take a ‘throw-away’ and turn it into a masterpiece.

By cropping out unwanted portions or increasing/decreasing the contrast of an image – you can deemphasize a photo’s weaknesses. Hence, don’t delete these shots until a photo editing service gets the chance to review them.

Look for the Candid Moments

It’s the couple’s day – and they want to create the best memories possible. Hence, it’s a great idea to look for moments of candid happiness and catch them on film – children smiling or playing in the background, your friends tearing it up on the dance floor, and more.

You want your clients to look back through your wedding photography and have it elicit strong positive emotions. They spent plenty of time and effort to make that day possible – and they deserve it.

wedding photography

Ensure High-Quality Photograph Editing

A great photographer knows how to line up a beautiful photograph. However, the editing process plays a major role in turning a simple photograph into a masterpiece.

Many photographers enjoy taking photographs at events, but they dread the photo editing portion of the job. Still, other photographers give it their best shot – but they lack formal training in Adobe Photoshop editing or similar programs.

Fortunately, photographers can outsource this portion to a photo editing service. By outsourcing this process to trained professionals, photographers have the opportunity to streamline their operations and focus on what they do best – which is to take photographs. Additionally, this saves them the expense of having to purchase costly photo editing software.

If you’re looking for a little help in this area, Offshore Clipping Path provides top-notch photo editing services. Our prices are competitive, but we pride ourselves on providing a stellar service.

We provide price quotes upfront and rapid turnaround times on most projects. Many of our photography clients enjoy the fact that they can take on more events while having the comfort of knowing that our team of photo editing professionals will manage the editing process.

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Weddings are a special time in people’s lives. They are a time of unity – when two become one. It is a time to make memories – and capture them on film, too. If you’re a photographer, it’s especially important to understand the steps to take to produce the best wedding photography possible.

Perform your due diligence. Plan thoroughly, plan ahead of time, and show the couple that you care. The extra effort goes a long way in capturing high-quality wedding photography and providing a level of service that is sure to get you referrals.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of the photo editing process. If you’re having issues with this portion, seek out Offshore Clipping Path’s photo editing services.