What is adobe bridge

It’s a common issue for photographers to keep track of their work. Not just photographers, businessmen, photo editors, whoever works with photos, have to deal with a huge quantity of photos. Many of them don’t know what Adobe Bridge is, how it works, or what are the facilities of using this software. For those who […]

How to Remove Background in GIMP

If you want to become an expert graphics designer, you must know how to remove background in GIMP. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a software that is easily available. It is free and quite simple to use. It’s particularly a good option for beginners. If you find Photoshop too hard to use, you […]

How to add a Realistic Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Drop shadow in Photoshop is the process of adding effects to an image. We often find images with drop shadows on eCommerce websites, newspapers, buy ultram with out prescription online leaflets, magazines etc. An image with a drop shadow effect illustrates the depth of an object, so the object becomes more realistic. Here today, we […]

How to Crop and Straighten Images in Photoshop

If you are trying to learn how to edit images with Adobe Photoshop and do not know where to start and where to finish then you are at the right place now. I started writing about every detail of Photoshop tutorials on the website of Offshore Clipping Path and today is the day to learn […]

Resize an image in photoshop

How to Resize an Image in Photoshop? It’s not hard to do. However, you need to keep in mind that there are factors involved that affect the remake’s best size properly. Resize an image in Photoshop – Steps by Steps Guideline There are 3 factors included: Resolution Constraints Re-sampling You may not be familiar with […]

photo retouching techniques

No matter how much we criticize Photoshop, this is quite a fact in the recent era no photography professional would ever want to publish his/her raw images without having a little touch of post-production work. The reason? Well, undoubtedly the very idea of producing the best possible product applying the knowledge of photo retouching techniques […]

How to feather in Photoshop

For beginners, learning how to feather in Photoshop may seem like a hard task at first. But there is nothing to worry about. If you follow this tutorial, you will learn how to create a feathering effect like a pro in no time. Feathering can come in quite handy if you want to make edges […]