Product Photography Guide


Chapter 1

Why G??d Pr?du?t Photography M?tt?r?

What is it, and why is it important?

B?f?r? w? g?t int? the d?t?il? of what you ?h?uld d? t? t?k? great ?r?du?t ?h?t??, l?t’? di??u?? ??ur objectives f?r d?ing ??. Thi? will lead t? a greater understanding ?f why th??? techniques are ????nti?l t? ??ur ?u?????.

K??? in mind that ju?t, because these objectives are listed in a particular order, d???n’t m??n ??m? ?r? less im??rt?nt than others. Y?u needs t? fulfill th?m ?ll.

Objective 1: A C?n?i?t?nt Look and St?l?

C?n?i?t?n?? i? key for m?king ??ur ?r?du?t? and ?nlin? store looks ?r?f???i?n?l — Ph?t?gr??h? with a cohesive l??k giv?? the sense that your company m?int?in? high ?t?nd?rd?. In??n?i?t?n?i?? in ??ur product ?h?t?gr??h? ??n distract ?h????r? away fr?m th? products th?m??lv??.

Of ??ur??, in some ?????, ??u might n??d ?h?t?? th?t br??k from a certain ??tt?rn — for ?x?m?l?, if ??u use live m?d?l? in separate locations. But ?v?n th??? photos n??d a l?v?l of consistency in their style, or you risk di?tr??ting vi?w?r? r?th?r th?n ?h?wing off ??ur ?r?du?t?.

Objective 2: A??ur???

Y?u always wants to ??rtr?? your ?r?du?t? ???ur?t?l? so th?t ?u?t?m?r? ??n g?t a ??rr??t idea ?f the ??l?r, size, ?nd d?t?il? ?f ??ur it?m?. A?hi?ving thi? ???ur??? m??n? ?r???r use of lighting (t? ?h?w ??l?r? ??rr??tl?), proper ?ngl?? (to ?h?w proportions), and high r???luti?n (t? ?r???rv? d?t?il).

In some cases, ??u’ll n??d to take extra steps t? ?n?ur? th?t ??ur ?h?t?? accurately r??r???nt your ?r?du?t?. F?r some items, ??u’ll n??d multi?l? photos, like fr?nt ?nd b??k vi?w?, whil? f?r ?th?r?, you’ll n??d a method of showing ???l?, such ?? ?h?t?gr??hing your it?m n?xt to a rul?r.

All ?r?du?t ?h?t?? ?h?uld b? high-d?finiti?n ?n?ugh f?r the ?u?t?m?r t? z??m in for a g??d l??k, but some ?r?du?t? will n??d a higher definition th?n others. A ?x?m?l? w?uld b? is ?l?thing ?r ?th?r f?bri? it?m?, f?r whi?h a shopper might w?nt to zoom v?r? ?l??? into in????t ?tit?hing, t?xtur?, ?r other details.

Obj??tiv? 3: Flatter Y?ur Pr?du?t?

Your ?h?t?gr??h? n??d? to ?h?w ?ff ??ur ?r?du?t? t? th?ir advantage t? m?k? them m?r? appealing to th? ?u?t?m?r. Of course, k??? ???ur??? in mind whil? you do thi?. Oth?rwi?? ??ur ?h?t?? might be ??n?id?r?d misleading — for ?x?m?l?, if product ?iz? ?l??? int? th? ?v?r?ll v?lu?, don’t tr? t? m?k? it?m? appear l?rg?r th?n th?? ?r?.

In?t??d, flatter ??ur ?r?du?t? by ?r??ting a d?di??t?d, well-lit ????? t? t?k? your ?h?t??. Thi? will h?l? you ?r??t? th? kind ?f im?g?? th?t m?k? ??ur ?r?du?t? l??k th?ir b??t. You’ll need the ?r???r ??tu? to ???tur? th? details that show qu?lit?, in?luding a b??kdr??, lighting, ?nd ?th?r elements.

Obj??tiv? 4: Inf?rm Y?ur Cu?t?m?r?

This is related to the ???ur??? w?’v? ?lr??d? described, in th? sense th?t ??ur ?h?t?? n??d to ??nv?? inf?rm?ti?n to th? ?u?t?m?r. But informing ??ur customers goes b???nd ?im?l? providing ?n ???ur?t? ?i?tur? ?f ??ur product and int? h?l?ing your customers m?k? th?ir ?ur?h??? d??i?i?n?.

This i? th? m?j?r r????n f?r having multi?l? im?g?? ??r product. Whil? the fr?nt and b??k views are a n?????it? f?r ??m? it?m? (lik? apparel), ?id? vi?w?, bottom vi?w?, ?nd ?th?r angles ??n ?l?? b? v?r? h?l?ful. Sh???, for ?x?m?l? — a ?u?t?m?r might want to ??? them fr?m the t??, ?id?, 3/4 vi?w, b??k, fr?nt, and b?tt?m (t? vi?w th? tread pattern), ?? w?ll ?? have a ?l???-u? ?f the laces ?r d???r?tiv? d??ign.

Always ??n?id?r which t???? ?f photos can t? ?r?vid? the kind ?f d?t?il? that ??m? in handy wh?n a customer is tr?ing t? m?k? a d??i?i?n. Is th?r? any helpful inf?rm?ti?n ?n ??ur ?r?du?t? themselves that ??uld h?l? a customer ?h???? to ?ur?h???? L?b?l?, textures, ?m?ll details, etc. ??n ?ll b? w?rth? ?f a ?l???-u? ?h?t?.

Ag?in, accuracy, and inf?rm?ti?n are related but not the ??m?. A??ur?t? product ?h?t?? ??? “this is th? product.” Inf?rm?tiv? product ?h?t?? m?k? your ?u?t?m?r? ??? “???; I want thi? ?r?du?t.” Y?ur photos n??d to ????m?li?h b?th goals.

Th? B?n?fit? of Pr?du?t Ph?t?gr??h? that Meets These Obj??tiv??

M??ting these ?bj??tiv?? will r??ult in a ??n?i?t?nt, ?r?f???i?n?l-l??king online ?t?r?, but wh?t ???itiv? r??ult? will thi? actually bring? Th? f?ll?wing:

  • In?r????d sales. Great ?r?du?t photos th?t m??t th??? objectives will m?k? ??ur ?r?du?t? m?r? appealing, r??ulting in more ??l??.
  • Higher ?u?t?m?r ??ti?f??ti?n. Cu?t?m?r? will h?v? f?w?r qu??ti?n?, ?nd ?n easier tim? deciding wh?t they w?nt. Th?? ??n examine ??ur photos and bu? with confidence.
  • R?du??d r?turn?. If ?u?t?m?r? have ?????? to gr??t ?r?du?t ?h?t??, th?r?’? less un??rt?int?, f?w?r r?gr?t?, f?w?r mistakes, and f?w?r r?turn?.

Cr??ting Y?ur Pr?du?t Photography Studi?

Y?u’ll n??d to ??t u? a d?di??t?d ?h?t?gr??h? studio t? t?k? the b??t ????ibl? ?r?du?t ?h?t??. Thi? d???n’t h?v? t? be a l?rg? space, but it does need to b? l?rg? enough for ??ur ?r?du?t? ?nd ?qui?m?nt and h?v? r??m f?r ??u to m?v? ?r?und.

M?k? ?ur? you u?? tape t? m?rk ?ut wh?r? ?v?r?thing i?, ?? if ??u need t? take d?wn the ??tu? ??u won’t ?truggl? t? m?k? it ??n?i?t?nt again.

Th?r? ?r? ?t l???t fiv? ??rt? t? a ?h?t?gr??h? ?tudi?, in?luding a surface, b??kdr??, lighting, ??m?r?, ?nd ??t?nti?ll? a m?nn?quin ?r ?th?r props. Th? purpose ?f ?ll this it?m? is t? ??m? together and allow ??u to take ?v?nl?-lit ?h?t?? ?f your it?m isolated in ?l?in whit? ?????.

If you h?v? th? budg?t, ??u could ?ur?h??? a lightbox, whi?h serves as a ?m?ll ?h?t?gr??h? ?tudi? with th? correct b??kdr?? ?nd lighting ????biliti?? — th?n you only need a l?m? ?nd ??m?r?.

H?w?v?r, it’? easy ?nd inexpensive t? ??t u? ?n ?r?? yourself th?t w?rk? just ?? w?ll ?? a lightb?x, ?nd ??n be built t? whatever size ??ur ?r?du?t? n??d. H?r?’? h?w t? bring it t?g?th?r.


Y?ur surface ??n b? a fl??r ?r table d???nding ?n the size ?f ??ur products. F?r ?m?ll?r items, a table i? g?n?r?ll? ???i?r t? work. Eith?r way, it n??d? t? b? ?m??th, flat, ?nd whit?. You’ll n??d a v?rti??l ?urf??? ?? well t? attach ??ur backdrop, but a w?ll w?rk? fine f?r thi?, so setting u? ?t the ?dg? of a r??m i? a g??d ?h?rt?ut.

When ??u’r? taking photos of th? fr?nt, back, ?nd 3/4 vi?w ?f a ?r?du?t, you n??d t? t?k? them fr?m ?tr?ight ?h??d ?nd ??r?full? avoid ?utting your eye l?v?l ?t a high?r ?r lower angle. Even if thi? i? ?ubtl?, it will mess u? th? proportions in th? im?g?, so make ?ur? th?t b?tw??n your surface ?nd ??m?r? tri??d h?ight you’ll b? able to take ??ur ?h?t?? ?tr?ight ?n.


Pr?f???i?n?l photos use a b??kdr?? to focus ?tt?nti?n ?n th? item ?nd remove clutter. Thi? also giv?? ??ur picture a solid, ?ingl?-??l?r b??kgr?und that m?k?? it mu?h ???i?r t? edit im?g?? l?t?r if you n??d. A whit? b??kdr?? i? ?lw??? b??t to preserve th? ??l?r? ?f th? product, ?v?n if ??u ?l??? the image on ?n?th?r color of b??kgr?und during post-processing (th? image editing ?h???).

Y?ur b??kdr?? n??d? to b? ?m??th and ?? good ?? ????ibl? and ??m? d?wn t? m??t ??ur ?urf??? ?t a ???ml??? ?urv?. Whit? fabric ??n w?rk as a b??kdr?? if ??u can hang it smoothly, but m?k? sure ??u avoid f?ld? b???u?? they’ll ??u?? distracting ?h?d?w?. An?th?r option is t? use a l?rg? ?i??? ?f fl?xibl? f??m ?r PVC, ?v?il?bl? fr?m hardware ?t?r??.

Cl?m? ?n? ?nd t? the fr?nt ?f th? table ?nd th? fl?xibl? m?t?ri?l ?h?uld sit flat ?n top of it and then curve b??k and upward against the w?ll. You ??n ???ur? the top with tape if necessary.


For ?r?du?t ?h?t?gr??h?, the id??l lighting has a f?w r?quir?m?nt?. You w?nt the ?r?du?t t? stand out in full d?t?il, without anyone area being ?v?rl? bright ?r dark. Y?u ?l?? n??d colors t? ?????r ??rr??tl?. Pr???r lighting i? how you accomplish th??? goals.

C?l?r? l??k they’re m??t n?tur?l in ?unlight, but ??u ??n’t r?l? on a ?unn? d?? t? take all ??ur ?r?du?t im?g?? — and ??u’r? probably setting up ind??r?. Th? ??luti?n h?r? is t? u?? a full-spectrum light. Whil? n?t ?n exact r??r?du?ti?n ?f ?unlight, full-????trum lighting is equally b?l?n??d b?tw??n red, blu?, and green w?v?l?ngth?, ensuring the light it??lf appears ??l?rl???.

C?m??r? thi? to ?n in??nd????nt bulb (whi?h ??n l??k ??ll?w) or a flu?r????nt bulb (which ??n look blue) — ?ith?r of th??? can thr?w ?ff the appearance ?f ??l?r?. You ??n find full-????trum light bulb? f?r sale ?nlin? ?nd in ?rt ?u??l? stores.

P??iti?n your l?m? t? ?n? ?id? ?nd ?lightl? above the ?r?du?t. T? keep the h?r?h ?h?d?w? away, ?l??? a flat, whit? object (?u?h ?? a ?h??b?x) ?n th? opposite ?id? ?f th? product from th? light. Thi? will r?fl??t light ?nt? th? product ?nd diminish the ?h?d?w?, ?r???rving d?t?il. The benefit ?f u?ing r?fl??t?d light, r?th?r th?n a second l?m?, i? th?t ??u ?v?id the ?r??ti?n ?f additional ?h?d?w?.

You ??n also soften your ?v?r?ll lighting by ?utting a l???r ?f tr?n?lu??nt, white material b?tw??n the l?m? ?nd th? ?r?du?t and tracing ????r works w?ll f?r thi?.


For ?r?du?t ?h?t?gr??h?, the id??l lighting has a f?w r?quir?m?nt?. You w?nt the ?r?du?t t? stand out in full d?t?il, without anyone area being ?v?rl? bright ?r dark.

Y?u ?l?? n??d colors t? ?????r ??rr??tl?. Pr???r If you’re ??lling ????r?l, a mannequin i? mu?h ?h????r ?nd ???i?r t? w?rk with th?n a liv? m?d?l. Of ??ur??, ??u can ?till u?? models if ??u have the budg?t t? hir? them.

Still, m?nn?quin? also h?v? th? ?dv?nt?g? ?f being able to remain in ?n identical position f?r a ??ri?? of photos. Some ?u?t?m?r? ?l?? find it ???i?r t? picture th?m??lv?? wearing your ?r?du?t if it’? ?h?wn ?n a m?nn?quin and n?t ?n?th?r ??r??n.

Und?r?t?nding Y?ur Camera

If ??u ?wn a DSLR camera ?r it’s within ??ur budget t? ?ur?h??? one, gr??t! If n?t, most recent ?m?rt?h?n?? ?r? fin?. However, k??? th? following in mind:

  • H?ndh?ld ?h?t?gr??h? doesn’t cut it with product ?h?t??, ?? ??u’ll need t? attach ??ur device to a tripod
  • Y?u’r? going for consistency, ?nd ??rt ?f th?t i? ?lw??? ?h??ting with th? camera in th? ??m? ?l??? every time

Th??? are b?th ??t?nti?l ?rgum?nt? against ?m?rt?h?n??, as they’re n?t always ???? t? ???r?t? fr?m a tri??d ?nd ??u’ll need t? r??tt??h th? ?h?n? every tim? you’re ready t? ?h??t m?r? ?h?t??. In th? l?ng run, a ??m?r? m?? be worth th? investment.

What t??? ?f d?vi?? ??u u??, th? m?in requirement i? the ability to ?dju?t ?x???ur? ??tting? manually.

Exposure ??n b? summed u? ?? ???rtur?, shutter ????d, and ISO ????d. All thr?? affect ??ur image in diff?r?nt ways, ?t the ??m? time ?ff??ting th? ?th?r tw? ?ut ?f the thr?? settings. Finding th? right aperture, ISO, ?nd ?hutt?r ??tting? is a significant trade-off f?r ?h?t?gr??h?r?, which i? why it’? ?? t?m?ting to l?t the ??m?r? u?? it? ?ut?m?ti? ??tting?.

But by ?h???ing these ??tting? manually, ??u’ll vastly im?r?v? your product ?h?t??, ?? l?t’? ?x?l?in wh?t th?? ?r?.


A??rtur? (also called F-stop) controls how much light enters the camera, much like the ?u?il of a ???. Thi? ??ntr?l? th? d??th ?f fi?ld, an effect which d?t?rmin?? how mu?h of th? im?g? is in f??u?, and h?w mu?h is blurr?. The higher the depth ?f fi?ld, th? m?r? of th? im?g? will b? in focus. F?r ?r?du?t?, you want the highest ???rtur? ??tting ????ibl?.

Shutter S???d

Shutter ????d ??ntr?l? h?w l?ng th? camera sensor i? ?x????d t? light. Wh?n is photographing a m?ving ?ubj??t, l?w ?hutt?r ????d r??ult? in motion blur ?? the ?hutt?r i? ???n l?ng?r. F?r motionless ?ubj??t?, l?w shutter ????d is id??l ?? it allows f?r ?xtr?m?l? ?h?r? im?g??.

H?w?v?r, ?n? movement will ???il the ?h?t, in?luding m?v?m?nt of ??ur h?nd?, which is wh? shooting from a tri??d i? highly r???mm?nd?d. If ??u don’t n??d t? worry ?b?ut ?v?n th? tini??t m?v?m?nt while th? shutter i? ???n, ??u can t?k? l?ng ?x???ur?? and g?t ?u??r-?h?r? im?g??.

ISO S???d

ISO ??ntr?l? your camera’s ??n?itivit? t? light ?nd therefore ?ff??t? th? brightn??? ?f the im?g?. It also ?ff??t? the graininess ?f a ?h?t?. Th? lower the ISO ??tting is, the l?ng?r it takes t? ???tur? ?n image, ?nd th? darker th? im?g? will b?.

But higher ISO speeds intr?du?? n?i?? t? the ?h?t?, whi?h i? b?d for product photos. F?r ?r?du?t images, you w?nt th? l?w??t ISO ????d ????ibl? t? ?r?v?nt gr?inin??? but n?t ?? l?w that your im?g?? come ?ut t?? d?rk. Th? strength of your lighting should allow you t? t?k? ?h?t?? with low ISO ????d?.

As long ?? you ??n m?nu?ll? ??nfigur? th??? three ?x???ur? ??tting?, and keep th?m th? ??m? t? ?n?ur? ??n?i?t?n?? in ??ur ?h?t??, ??ur device i? fine f?r product ?h?t??. Ju?t keeps in mind the importance ?f a tripod f?r best r??ult?, and r?m?mb?r t? m?rk it? position with tape as w?ll.

Taking Your Pr?du?t Ph?t??

Once ??u’v? ??t up ??ur studio and ??m?r?, ??u’r? ?lm??t r??d? to take ??ur fir?t ?r?du?t ?h?t??! There ?r? ju?t a couple m?r? ?t??? ??u ?h?uld take to ?n?ur? the fin?l ?h?t?gr??h? goes as ?m??thl? ?? possible: preparing ??ur ?r?du?t? ?nd taking test photos.

These ?t??? will ??v? ??u time in th? l?ng run ?nd give you b?tt?r r??ult?.

Org?nizing ?nd Pr???ring Pr?du?t? for Photography

Product photography is best-done b? t?king a ???t?m?ti? ???r???h th?t will keep ??ur inv?nt?r? ?rg?niz?d. Th? d?gr?? ?f organization ??u’ll need to do will ??m?wh?t d???nd on th? number ?f products ?nd v?ri?nt? ??u h?v?, but ??rt?in steps mu?t ?till be taken.

Th? point ?f preparing ??ur ?r?du?t? i? t? ensure th?t you know ?x??tl? whi?h ?r?du?t numb?r ?nd ?h?t? applies to whi?h ?h??i??l it?m. Thi? especially im??rt?nt if you h?v? a l?rg? numb?r of ?r?du?t? that are v?r? similar. Y?u n??d to kn?w this which ?r?du?t thi? gr??t photo b?l?ng? to!

Pr?du?t ?rg?niz?ti?n ??n b? ??hi?v?d in ??v?r?l w???, ?u?h as keeping products in l?b?l?d boxes ?r attaching ?m?ll informational t?g? t? th?m when possible. Tags ?r labels ?h?uld include id?ntif?ing inf?rm?ti?n like ?r?du?t numb?r, n?m?, m?d?l, ?iz?, and whatever ?l?? is ???li??bl?.

If ??u d? u?? tags ?r l?b?l?, they mu?t n?t b? visible in th? photos, so th?t removable stickers m?? w?rk best.

Overall, the ??int is t? ?rr?ng? ?nd ??t?l?g your products, so you’ll know immediately whi?h ?r?du?t, number ?nd ?h?t?? go t?g?th?r. Your ?x??t m?th?d f?r d?ing this will v?r? depending ?n the ?iz? ?nd number ?f ??ur products and th? ?iz? of your w?rk ?r??.

Y?u also n??d t? ?r???r? ???h product f?r its big m?m?nt in th? ???tlight. All ?b??uring t?g? ?r ???k?ging ?h?uld b? removed, and be sure t? in????t ?ll products f?r even th? tini??t d?f??t. It’s essential t? u?? th? b??t possible ?x?m?l? ?f a ??rti?ul?r it?m in th? ?h?t? representing th?t product.

Remember, ??u’r? g?ing to be t?king high-d?finiti?n ?h?t?? in whi?h ?v?n minuscule d?f??t? will be vi?ibl?.

Everything mu?t b? ?l??n as well. Du?t particles ?h?w u? in high-r???luti?n ?h?t?? ju?t ?? ?bvi?u?l? ?? defects. Pr?du?t? ?h?uld be in the best ??nditi?n possible, ?? ??u m?? n??d t? do ??m? cleaning, polishing, ir?ning, or ?th?r t??k?.

With ??m? ?r?du?t?, ??u’ll n??d t? d? th??? preparations imm?di?t?l? before ?h?t?gr??hing them, ?.g., ?hirt? th?t will wrinkl? again if ?l???d back int? storage. S?m? ?r?du?t?, h?w?v?r, ??n be ?l??n?d ?nd prepared ahead ?f tim? and will b? fine ?? l?ng ?? th??’r? kept du?t-fr??.

R?m?mb?r th?t th? b?tt?r ??ur ?r?du?t? l??k, the more you’ll ??ll. Think ?f th??? ?h?t?? as th? j?b interview ?f a lif?tim? for your products!

Taking T??t Ph?t??

It’s time t? t??t your ?h?t?gr??h? ?tudi? ??t up by t?king a f?w t??t photos. Th? ?ur???? ?f this step is t? ?n?ur? th?t your ?tudi? ??tu? i? ideal for ???turing gr??t ?i?tur?? ?f all your ?r?du?t?.

Y?ur first images will b? an experiment t? h?l? ??u find th? b??t ???iti?ning of the ??m?r?, ?r?du?t, l?m?, reflector, ?nd everything ?l??. D?n’t b? ?fr?id t? t?k? ??v?r?l ?h?t?? ?t ?n??.

If ????ibl?, connect your camera directly to a ??m?ut?r ?? ??u can ??nd the ?h?t?? dir??tl? to im?g? capturing software lik? Ad?b? Lightr??m. Thi? m?k?? it mu?h ???i?r to compare them ?n the fl?.

Thi? ?x??rim?nt?l phase is th? time f?r m?ving ?tudi? ?l?m?nt? and adjusting ??m?r? ??tting? to g?t th? b??t possible im?g??. It’s im??rt?nt t? d? thi? n?w, and not whil? in th? middle ?f ?h??ting ?ll th? ?r?du?t? f?r ??ur ?nlin? store.

T?? much ?h?ng? in the middl? of the ?r????? will h?rm the ??n?i?t?n?? we’re tr?ing t? preserve.

To take t??t photos, u?? a variety of ?r?du?t? with different angles. Bright ?nd d?rk ??l?r?, l?rg? ?nd ?m?ll ?bj??t?, ?nd ?th?r variables will help ??u id?ntif? w??kn????? in your ?tudi? setup.

For example, ??u might discover that your lighting arrangement ??u??? a di?tr??ting reflection ?n a ?hin? product, whi?h ??u w?uld not have seen ?n a product with a m?tt? fini?h.

Make ?dju?tm?nt? with th? g??l in mind ?f ?rr?nging ??ur b??kdr??, lighting, ??m?r?, ?nd ?th?r ?l?m?nt? t? t?k? ?qu?ll? gr??t pictures of ?ll types ?f products. Adjust your camera ??tting? ?nd fin?-tun? each setting until ??u’r? able t? take sharp, ?l??r, ??rf??tl? lit ?h?t?? ?f a v?ri?t? ?f it?m?.

Fin?l Product Ph?t??

On?? you h?v? ??ur ?tudi? ?nd ??m?r? ??tu? locked d?wn, ??u’r? r??d? t? t?k? ??ur ?h?t??! Arr?ng? th? product ?? it l??k? good and mimi?? th? position it w?uld b? in a whil? b?ing u??d.

For example, when photographing a ??ir ?f ?h??? that t?nd to ??ll???? a bit wh?n n?t b?ing worn, ?tuff paper inside them t? help th?m h?ld th?ir ?h???. If u?ing a m?nn?quin, ?dju?t ?rti?l?? ?f ?l?thing, ?? th?ir fit l??k? natural.

F?r some it?m?, you may need t? u?? ?r??? to h?ld them u? or help m?int?in their shape. If th??? props ?r? vi?ibl? in th? ?h?t??, you’ll n??d t? r?m?v? th?m during post-production. T? m?k? thi? ?t?? ???i?r, use ?r??? th?t ?r? transparent or th? same color as your b??kdr?? (preferably whit?).

While photographing ??ur ?r?du?t?, r?m?mb?r to t?k? pictures from multiple angles as ???r??ri?t?, t? m??t ??ur ?bj??tiv??. When ?h?nging the angle, m?v? th? ?r?du?t, n?t th? ??m?r?.

Make ?dju?tm?nt? with th? g??l in mind ?f ?rr?nging ??ur b??kdr??, lighting, ??m?r?, ?nd ?th?r ?l?m?nt? t? t?k? ?qu?ll? gr??t pictures of ?ll types ?f products. Adjust your camera ??tting? ?nd fin?-tun? each setting until ??u’r? able t? take sharp, ?l??r, ??rf??tl? lit ?h?t?? ?f a v?ri?t? ?f it?m?.

S?ving Images

Wh?n ??u saves your ?h?t?s, ??ur im?g? software ?h?uld ?ll?w ??u t? name th? files to match the ???r??ri?t? product inf?rm?ti?n. M?k? ?ur? ??u save and organize your files ????rdingl? t? ?n?ur? a ?m??th upload.

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