Photoshop Color Correction Tutorial: Step by Step Process


Color Correction : Step by Step Process

Step One:

Open image in Photoshop

Step One: Open image in Photoshop


Step Two:

Select the image. Press ctrl and click path one

Step Two: Select the image


Step Three:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open feather and set feather radius 0.5, click ok

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Three


Step Four:

Press Ctrl+J to cut out specific objects from this image. In this image, the objects are already selected by the Photoshop clipping path.

Step Five:

Now select the background of the image then open the adjustment menu and select solid color white.

Step Five: Select the background


Step Six:

From the layers panel select layer one.

Step Seven:

Cut out one image by using the Lasso tool.

Step Seven: Cutout one image

Step Eight:

Cutout one image: Now go to layers and create a group named Group1, and make a mask of the image that we cut out previously.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eight


Step Nine:

Now open adjustment menu and select level then adjust gamma >36. Or you can use your color sense.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Nine


Step Ten:

Select the hue/saturation from the adjustment menu and put saturation value > -100

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Ten


Step Eleven:

Select brightness and contrast from the adjustment menu and adjust the Brightness at > – 65 and contrast at > – 32

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eleven


Step Twelve:

Again select level then adjust gamma > 0.69

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Twelve


Step Thirteen:

Again select brightness and contrast from the adjustment menu and adjust contrast > 56

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Thirteen


Step Fourteen:

Close Group 1. First image done.

Step Fifteen:

Select image 2 and create group -2 and make mask on this 2nd image.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Fifteen


Step Sixteen:

Select solid color from adjustment menu. Color code> e2c22e.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Sixteen


Step Seventeen:

Select color blending from Layers then select color.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Seventeen


Step Eighteen:

Click selective color from adjustment menu. Then select color> yellow, adjust the following color Yellow > – 23, Black >+ 27.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eighteen


Step Nineteen:

Select color balance from adjustment menu select mid-tones, then adjust the color red > +10, yellow> -6.

Step Nineteen: Select color balance


Step Twenty:

Close Group 2. Golden color done.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Twenty


Step Twenty One:

Select the third image then create group 3 and create a musk of the third image and follow the similar instruction to complete red color for the third image.

For the better understand  you can watch the following YouTube video tutorial or hire a color correction service company: