Photoshop Color Correction Tutorial: Step by Step Process

Color Correction : Step by Step Process

Step 1: Open image in Photoshop

Open the image in Photoshop by clicking > File from the menu bar. Then click > Open.

Step One: Open image in Photoshop

Step 2: Select the image

Press ctrl and click path one

Step Two: Select the image

Step 3: Set feather

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open feather and set feather radius 0.5, click ok

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Three

Step 4: Cut out specific objects from the image

Press Ctrl+J to cut out specific objects from this image. In this image, the objects are already selected by the Photoshop clipping path.

Step 5: Use Solid Color

Now select the background of the image then open the adjustment menu and select solid color white.

Step Five: Select the background

Step 6: Select Layer

From the layers panel select layer one.

Step 7: Separate the image

Cut out one image by using the Lasso tool.

Step Seven: Cutout one image

Step 8: Cutout one image

Now go to layers and create a group named Group1, and make a mask of the image that we cut out previously.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eight

Step 9: Adjust gamma

Now open adjustment menu and select level then adjust gamma >36. Or you can use your color sense.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Nine

Step 10: Put saturation

Select the hue/saturation from the adjustment menu and put saturation value > -100

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Ten

Step 11: Adjust the Brightness

Select brightness and contrast from the adjustment menu and adjust the Brightness at > – 65 and contrast at > – 32

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eleven

Step 12: Again adjust gamma

Again select level then adjust gamma > 0.69

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Twelve

Step 13: Again adjust contrast

Again select brightness and contrast from the adjustment menu and adjust contrast > 56

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Thirteen

Step 14: Close Group 1

Close Group 1 and the first image is done.

Step 15: Select image 2

Select image 2 and create group -2 and make mask on this 2nd image.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Fifteen

Step 16: Select solid color

Select solid color from adjustment menu. Color code> e2c22e.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Sixteen

Step 17: Select color blending

Select color blending from Layers then select color.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Seventeen

Step 18: Adjust the color

Click selective color from adjustment menu. Then select color> yellow, adjust the following color Yellow > – 23, Black >+ 27.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Eighteen

Step 19: Select color balance

Select color balance from adjustment menu select mid-tones, then adjust the color red > +10, yellow> -6.

Step Nineteen: Select color balance

Step 20: Close Group 2

Close Group 2 and Golden color done.

Photoshop Color Correction - Step Twenty

Step 21: Select the third image

Select the third image then create group 3 and create a musk of the third image and follow the similar instruction to complete red color for the third image.

For a better understand  you can watch the following YouTube video tutorial or hire a color correction service company: