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Photo Restoration Services

Best Quality Photo Restoration Services.

We are recognized experts in photo restoration niche. Our photo restoration service is one of a kind. This excellent photo restoration processes allow us to return nearly any photo to their former beauty, even those injured by water, fire, light, mold, pets, or children. We also restore old photos that are faded by age.

Photo RestorationPhoto restoration service

Get Photo Restoration Services in 4 Simple Steps

Focus on creativity and on your business, while letting Offshore Clipping Path execute your photoshop retouching operations

Get Photo Restoration Services in 4 Simple Steps

Focus on creativity and on your business, while letting Offshore Clipping Path execute your photoshop retouching operations

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Client said about our photo restoration service

“These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality. They are very professional but fun which works perfectly well for us. We’ve seen a huge increase in productivity since starting to work with Offshore Clipping Path! We could not be happier! Thanks to the whole team.”

Daniel Washington, Misguided, UK.

“We’ve been looking for a professional clipping path company who will care about our needs deeply & often will do whatever it takes to help us to get image edited done quickly. We’ve worked with 2 other companies in the past, & none have offered the personal service that Offshore Clipping Path offers. We’ll work with them forever.”

Sara James, Asics, USA

Offshore Clipping Path is a first-rate company. The whole team took the time to learn about my unique image editing requirements so they could understand the unique challenges I was facing. Their impact on my complex Photoshop works was a huge time saver, and I am excited to continue using their services. Big thanks OCP!”

Ian Smith, Hurley, Australia

“We started working with Offshore Clipping Path last July, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their service quality. Great people! Great services! The attention to detail and the responsiveness has been excellent! I would recommend Offshore Clipping Path to anyone serious about their image processing needs!”

Sophie Watts, 360 Studio, USA

“Offshore Clipping Path has been helping us with our Photoshop works for the past few years and we have been very happy. They are professional and always there to deliver within the timeline. Now we have the right team to make post-processing hassle-free and fast. Thanks so much!”

Claire Evans, Digital Media, Norway

“Offshore Clipping Path has been BY FAR the best image editing company I have worked with. They are friendly, provide prompt responses, and are willing to provide unlimited revision. They have helped us present every product photo in a premium way. Thanks so much to those true professionals!”

Rachel Jones, Drive Studio, France


Offshore Clipping Path is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

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    We make it easier for our clients to focus on their creative passions and businesses, while we do the bulk of their photoshop image editing works.


    Professional Photo Restoration Portfolio

    We differentiate ourselves from other image editing companies with our unique approach to split the editing process into objective and subjective steps. The goal is to increase consistency at scale, while adhering to the client’s specific requirements.

    Get the Best Photo Restoration Service

    Offshore clipping path company offers best and quality Photo Restoration Service. The company provides professional services that include retouching. We have a team of Photo Restoration experts who use highly specialized equipment to restore photos for individuals, museums and institutions.

    You no longer have to worry when a disaster such as earthquakes, floods, fire and ultra violet rays destroy your cherished photos. At least you can rest assured that a leading desk top publishing company will use digital technology to restore your photos and make them look better.

    The reason why you should choose Offshore Clipping Path for all your Photo Restoration services is that you only need to scan the photo you want to restore and send to us. You will receive a quote as soon as we receive the photo. We base our costing on how badly the photo has been damaged. If you find our price ideal, we will start working. Luckily, we can repair many types’ damages including out of focus images.

    Types of Photo Restoration Service We offer:

    • Restoration of severely damaged photographs
    • Removal of stain
    • Restore the faded photos
    • Remove the damaged photos
    • Repair cracked photos
    • Recreating all the missing pieces
    • Repairing damaged documents
    • Color the photos
    • Repair photos damaged by water
    • Creation display reproduction
    • enhancement of photos
    • correction of color
    • adding text to photos

    One thing that we keep in mind is that we are committed at giving you results that will make you satisfied. If what we send you is not satisfactory, we shall work on it until we get the best results. We offer photo enhancement services, edit and enhance the profile of your photos. If you are worried of wrinkles, faded photos, and torn photos, you can trust us to restore it.

    As leading offshore graphic design house, our team of wizards will not only coffer photo restoration services but will give your photo a new life. They will repair and return it to its original grandeur. There are a number of things we do in the restoration process. Some of them include.

    Things we do in the restoration process:

    • Fixing photos and adding color
    • Fixing photos, merging and removing unwanted people and features from your photo
    • Copying the old photos

    When we fix the photos, we ensure that the old photos which may be damaged or scratched or stained are restored. We also work on photos that have blurred, restore sun damaged photos and restore photos that have been damaged by water.

    If you have a wedding photo that has been damaged, you do not need to worry. Just get in touch and we shall be able to repair it, carry out photo restoration and fill in the missing pieces so that we restore it to its grandeur. If the photos are wrinkled, you need not worry because we shall repair it. If it is a certificate you want restored, we are here to offer the best restoration services you will be happy with. We tweak, lighten sharpen the colors and improve on the sharpness of the photos.