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Offshore Clipping Path is a full-fledged professional photo editing service provider assisting international clients 24/7 since 2010. With more than 120 creative photoshop professionals, our service can give you an edge to focus on your business while we are handling your project.

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Daniel Washington These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Daniel Washington
Open Studios

Sara James We’ve worked with 2 other companies in the past, & none have offered the personal service that Offshore Clipping Path offers.

Sara James
Asics, USA

Ian Smith Their impact on my complex Photoshop works was a huge time saver, and I am excited to continue using their services.

Ian Smith
Hurley, Australia

Rachel Jones These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Rachel Jones
Drive Studio, France


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    Professional Photo Editing Services Portfolio

    We differentiate ourselves from other image editing companies with our unique approach to split the editing process into objective and subjective steps. The goal is to increase consistency at scale while adhering to the client’s specific requirements.

    Who Should Be Your Outsourcing Photo Editing Partner?

    As you are one of those millions of online marketers or businessmen, you are already aware of the power and impact of edited images. If the images are good enough to depict your product well and help online shoppers visualize it, you are doing a great favor to both you and them.

    Additionally, you need images to showcase your product at its peak through your website, promote on social accounts, or become a seller of sites like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Aliexpress, etc.

    All companies don’t have the resources or equipment to take photos and make product catalogs with professionally edited images. Even if some companies do have these advantages, choosing to bear their in-house post-production photo editing apart from their scheduled work would be costly.

    Whatever the purpose you have in your mind, you need someone to implement that. That’s where a partnership with a photo editing company comes in. You can outsource photo editing services from it. Pairing up with such a company will help you minimize your workload, pressure, tension; maximize your opportunity to work prolifically.

    Furthermore, by taking such a smart, cost-efficient, and time-saving solution for your business, you allow yourself to get a professional photo edit service as per your requirement within your deadline!

    But the question is, how can you understand whom you should entrust? Before choosing your partner, make sure it-

    • Is a professional photo editing services company.
    • Has ample experience, knowledge, and expertise.
    • Is well versed in the most up-to-date technologies of post-production services.
    • Has their ethical responsibilities enacted.
    • Can integrate well with your requirements.
    • Understands your strategic intention for long-term business marketing and promotional activities.
    • Helps you perform your task efficiently.

    Photo editing is a whole new story; a new phase for photography. An adept photo editor takes charge of your order, finalizes the task without blunders; makes your images desirable and ideal enough to fit for advertising and marketing.

    We, Offshore Clipping Path, have combined our competence and skills from our years of experience. Thus, merging those all together, we emphasize our clients’ demands to ensure excellence and perfection. Not to brag, but our ethics and etiquette have set us apart from traditional service providers in the world.

    Your artistic visions or the utmost goal you want to achieve- wecan help you proceed. We tend to keep up with our clients’ unparalleled working style and make sure the end product is in alignment with your goals.

    High-end photograph editing is an essential step
    in the post-production photography process.
    Make sure you outsource the best
    professional photoshop services in this field.”

    We are confident to provide you the best results and ensure that you will be proud to have us as your partner.

    Types of Professional Photo Editing Services We Provide

    We provide a number of image editing services online. Our most in-demand services are shortly described below-

    Clipping Path

    For the precision and the accuracy it provides, the clipping path has become a more demandable service for separating the subject. To simply describe- a clipping path is a photoshop process of cutting an object from an image containing corners or edges by creating a path.

    Clipping path service is a complete solution to improve the quality of photos. But there are several infuriating and time-consuming tasks involved. So we made sure that our team consists of expert professionals to nail the task- that’s how we assure high-quality service.

    Photo Retouching

    A perfect photo is difficult to capture. If you work with models, minor flaws may remain like a blemish, uneven skin, and wrinkle; if your subject is a product, it may look dull or not show the distinctive features it should.

    The solution can be a slight touch of retouching- which will get you stunning and stellar images. Most ecommerce shop owners rely on digital photo editing services to enhance the appearance of products’ images. This does affect viewers’ minds while you are promoting your products and services.

    Ghost Mannequin

    Ghost Mannequin effect is an inevitable part of apparel photography. It is a way of clothing images where the product is given a figure-shaped look. Still, the actual figure remains invisible- to create a 3d vibe, there is no alternative to ghost mannequins in apparel photography.

    We understand the importance of realistic views of clothing for online stores when you want to engage more clients. Thus, we help remove any model or mannequin in the image with a convincingly natural look under this service.

    Background Removal

    In ecommerce platforms, background removal service is one of the most sought services. This is the process of separating the subject from its background to be used in a preferable spot for a cleaner, sharper, and modified look.

    We have highly-trained graphic designers who are determined to provide the best background removal service for international clients. Our service is available not only for white background but also for adding a single-color background or an image backdrop that’s contextual to the product or subject at hand.

    Drop Shadow

    There are some works in photoshop. The difference is very subtle, but the impact is tremendous and immense! Drop Shadow is one of those. The process is to create a visual effect in the image that appears like shadow. It helps the product to acquire a 3d look.

    With the utmost precision, our expert team adjusts the proportion between the shadow and the object. Our drop shadow service can assist your product get a more general yet realistic view by highlighting the parts that need to focus on.

    Image Masking

    Image Masking is called the non-destructive photo editing process to separate a subject by removing certain elements from its background. Image masking is different from background removal.

    Masking is required in those images that have fur, hair, tree branches, or something like these- this is a process of more meticulous and in-depth work. The purpose of image masking is to remove distraction so that the subject is being prioritized. Thus, with this service, we help enhance the visual appeal of images and captivate potential buyers.

    Offshore Clipping Path offers Photo Editing Services in Multiple Industries

    We, Offshore Clipping Path take pride in providing the best outsource photo editing service in this industry with unmatched quality, rapid turnarounds, and competitive pricing.

    Intending to outperform ourselves, we have incorporated state of the art software and technologies. We have a team of dedicated professionals demonstrating strong aptitude towards any assigned task and are committed to helping you make the most out of your effort.

    Generally, we handle a bulk amount of workload at a time regardless of quantity. Based on our clientele, we arrange our services like these-

    Professional Photo Editing Services for Photographers

    If you are a professional photographer, focusing on both taking photos and editing them is an obvious burden for you. But by partnering up with us, you can rescue yourself with the following advantages-

    • Indulge yourself in focusing on your job
    • Allow yourself more time to hone your skill
    • Help you create the proficient version of ‘you’
    • Professionals handle your photo editing part
    • Get high-quality edited images
    • Make your customers happy

    We are well aware that every photographer is unique, so is his/her style. We are attentive enough to differentiate that, and we instruct our experts to follow clients’ requirements accordingly. The ultimate purpose is to bring the best out of the photo by making it look natural.

    Post Production Services for Photography Studio

    A photography studio- literally a 2nd home, 2nd comfort zone to the photographers, isn’t it? As a studio owner, you already have a lot on your plate- making schedules, preparing equipment, on-time appointments, product preparation, product staging, and more.

    We will be glad to be your right hand. Teaming up with us will help you-

    • Have an efficient workflow
    • Get time to converse with more clients
    • Access to professional for handling your project
    • Get edited product photos of high-quality

    Our image editing sector recruits professionals who have the training and vast knowledge to do the job- the purpose is to provide a client-friendly experience.

    Photography Editing Services for Fashion Industry

    In the fashion industry, the products like clothing, jewelry, and shoes are involved in beautifying. Therefore, such products need a glamorous appearance, for which taking a photo editing service for these products is like a non-written must.

    If your product belongs to the fashion industry, taking such services will help you-

    • Have glamorous and photogenic product image
    • Get your product use real-life situation
    • Promote trend effectively
    • Eliminate minor flaws
    • Highlight the subject creatively
    • Make your audience crave

    Our professionalism, along with affordable pricing and unmatched turnaround times, has helped us make our client 100% satisfied and further pursue us. So, let us know which one of our services can fulfill your needs.

    Photography Editing Services for Ecommerce

    Are you an eCommerce businessman who has the utmost goal to achieve? Or an online shopper who needs good images, product infographics to advertise your product? Our eCommerce photography editing service is designed to serve your purpose right.

    High-quality images create a positive impression. Our outstanding services for eCommerce are intended for the following purposes-

    • A good photo represents a good product
    • Help build you as a professional brand
    • Get customization for social platforms
    • Good images draw consumer’s attention
    • It will boost traffic and increase ROI eventually
    • Quality images are suited for SEO optimization

    We are confident to provide you the best results and ensure that you will be proud to have us as your partner.

    What Do You Get From Our Service?

    Our work ethic, business etiquette, professionalism, and performance have set us apart from the traditional service providers. We encourage you to test out our service. Within the promised time, you will receive the results to comprehend our competence. So, when you reach up to us, you get-

    • Free Trial
    • Fast turnaround
    • Quick delivery
    • Client service 24/7
    • Privacy assurance
    • Bulk discount
    • Unlimited revisions
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • Smooth ordering process
    • Affordable pricing structure
    • Top-quality and professionally edited photo
    • Emphasis on clients’ demand and perfection

    If you are a businessman looking for image editing services in the UK or USA, look no further. Our platform is open for global clients. In a wide range of photography post-product service, we got admiration and well wishes from clients of countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain and so on.

    As a Professional Photo Editor, Where Do We Focus?

    In a nutshell, enhancing your presentation!

    The global E-commerce market deserves thanks for letting more customers search for products and services online and find them. For this reason, for businesses to reach their potential clients across the globe has become a lot easier.

    Around the world, those prospective consumers check their needed products through the image they see and the description they read. It’s confirmed that a high-quality image plays a vital role while influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. How?

    Your potential customers will surmise and decide within a couple of seconds of viewing the photographs of your products. That’s where the necessity of enhancing the quality and appearance of images comes in.

    We understand and prioritize this and act accordingly. Through our digital photography editing services, we eliminate imperfections, lessen distractions, improve visual appeal of products to convince your buyer which helps increase purchase from them.

    Final Word

    We, Offshore Clipping Path, understand the traction of clients towards products’ images. By producing results second to none, we have gained clients’ utmost trust.

    We will be happy to assist you go and grow. Want to experience our work? Try out ‘free trial’ and get your order done within 1 hour! It’s easy to connect with us.

    FAQ’s on Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

    Certainly! Check out our service quality first hand with the free trial option just within 1 hour.
    Yes, we can help you finish your urgent workload. Just contact us and let’s talk it out.
    Outsourcing such services vary considering services’ complexity, workload, completion time etc. We provide this service under three levels- Simple, Medium, and Complex. Click here to estimate the price of your project with our interactive pricing calculator.
    Having ample knowledge and experiences has led us to offer professional editing services for those who are looking for outsourcing to hand over their workloads.
    Photograph editing serves a number of purposes to those who take this service, for example-
    • Save time and money
    • Handles bulk amount of workload
    • Work with experienced professionals
    • Get premium quality edited images
    • Helps get recognition as a credible brand
    Outsourcing photograph editing means when you are hiring professionals and experts on photo editing services online. It can be individuals or a company- who performs to assist you in your editing work.