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Globalization has brought forth a number of advancements. Every business is adapting its strategy so that it won’t fall behind. This left businesses to be multitaskers and to collaborate with the one who can help them deal with their workload. So, modern businesses are depending on the outsourcing service provider to share their workload.

Offshore Clipping Path is providing outsourcing photo editing services for global businesses and clients maintaining their requirements and perfection in a wide variety of image editing services.

A team consists of professional dab hands deals with our clients’ work orders. Therefore, your reaching out to us will not only help you save time, money, and stress but also impress your potential customers and get your goal achieved.

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Daniel Washington These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Daniel Washington
Open Studios

Sara James We’ve worked with 2 other companies in the past, & none have offered the personal service that Offshore Clipping Path offers.

Sara James
Asics, USA

Ian Smith Their impact on my complex Photoshop works was a huge time saver, and I am excited to continue using their services.

Ian Smith
Hurley, Australia

Rachel Jones These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Rachel Jones
Drive Studio, France


Offshore Clipping Path is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

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    We’re looking forward to hearing from you regarding your unique image editing project! We are available on Phone call, over Email and video call through Skype. Let’s connect and we’ll be happy to assist.

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    We make it easier for our clients to focus on their creative passions, while we do the bulk of their Photo editing works.


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    We differentiate ourselves from other image editing companies with our unique approach to split the editing process into objective and subjective steps. The goal is to increase consistency at scale while adhering to the client’s specific requirements.

    Who Should Be Your Outsourcing Partner?

    Business expansion and evolving has been growing so much resulting in e-business in the process surpassing all expectations. Keeping pace with these advances, your marketing strategy for business should be upgraded as well.

    One of the important elements of marketing is images. It is an effective stimulator to attract your potential customers as well. You need images to showcase your product at its peak, to exhibit on your website or promote in social accounts, or to become a seller of sites like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Aliexpress, etc.

    Whatever the purpose you have in your mind, you need someone to implement that. When you pair up with a professional agency that has vast knowledge and expertise in post-production photography services, you do yourself a great favor!

    Your outsourcing will minimize your workload, pressure, tension; maximize your opportunity to work prolifically. It is a smart, cost-efficient, and time-saving solution for your business. The more important part is you allow yourself to get professional services as per your requirement within your deadline!

    But the question is how can you understand whom you should entrust? Before choosing your partner, make sure-

    • They are experienced enough.
    • They are well versed in the most up to date technologies of post production services.
    • They have their ethical responsibilities enacted.
    • Most importantly, they will value your time and cost.

    An expert photographer can take care of images to fulfill your requirement. But, to make them desirable and ideal enough to fit for advertising and marketing is a whole new story.

    You can be a pro-photographer, a studio manager, a creative director who has his/her own artistic visions, or a businessman who has the utmost goal to achieve. We understand that. Thus, we keep up with your unparalleled working style and make sure the end product is in alignment with your goals.

    “High-end photograph editing is an essential step in the post-production photography process. Make sure you outsource professional photoshop services to the best in this field.”

    We are confident to provide you the best results and ensure that you will be proud to have us as your partner.

    Outsourcing Photo Editing Service – Why Offshore Clipping Path?

    Offshore Clipping Path excels in providing the best outsource photograph editing service.

    We have combined competence and skills from our prior work experience to excellence and perfection in our working process. By incorporating state of the art software and technologies, we produce high quality, peerless results in the post-production photography industry.

    Intending to outperform ourselves, we are providing premium quality services to professional photographers, art directors, creative agencies, e-commerce businesses who are in need of photo editing outsourcing services. And thus, we are ensuring client satisfaction.

    Our work ethic and business etiquette have set us apart from the traditional service providers. These have helped us gain international recognition from clients of countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain.

    You can trust our image editing specialists- composed of 150 proficient and dedicated photo editors. They genuinely care for our clients’ needs and handle the work orders regardless of what time zone our clients are in.

    So, prospective clients from any part of the world are welcomed to reach out to us. They are assured to receive-

    • Free Trial
    • Fast turnaround and delivery
    • Client service 24/7
    • Privacy assurance
    • Bulk discount
    • Unlimited revisions
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • Smooth ordering process
    • Affordable pricing structure
    • Top-quality and professionally edited photo
    • Emphasis on clients’ demand and perfection

    We are committed to offering the best services for our clients. Therefore, if you require outsourcing assistance to edit your images, we encourage you to test out our ‘Free Trial’ option first. However, you can directly contact us.

    Rest assured that we are prioritizing your needs as well as our reputation. In the meantime, you get enough time to focus on expanding your business instead.

    Outsource Editing Services We Provide

    You can outsource the following services from Offshore Clipping Path-

    1. E-commerce image editing
    2. Photograph editing
    3. Clipping path / deep etching
    4. Photo retouching
    5. Multiple clipping path
    6. Photo restoration
    7. Image masking
    8. Image manipulation
    9. Neck joint services
    10. Color correction
    11. Drop shadow
    12. Raster to vector file conversion

    So, let us know which one of our services can fulfill your needs.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Your Photo Editing to Us

    We, Offshore Clipping Path, generally handle a bulk amount of workload at a time regardless of size. Our wide range of professional photograph editing services will help you to have the upper hand in your promotional marketing.

    Having us as your outsourcing partner has a lot of perks, such as-

    Indulge in productive work

    As a businessman in the e-commerce sector, you require a lot of edited photos in a single year.

    If you are one of those who do not have an outsource photo editing partner to rely on, you sure do have a lot on your plate. Searching for a reliable agency or freelancer, getting their samples, discussion, and so on! Not a simple process at all!

    When you reach out to us, we can take your workload off and help you with post-production photography services. Therefore, you emphasize your product line, advertising & promotion, and increasing sales. Thus, collaboration with us helps you reach close to your customers.

    Ample time to hone skill

    If you are a professional photographer, you have a lot of room to grow. Focusing both on taking photos and editing them will become too much of a hassle for you. But, when you shoulder the burden to a trusted agency, you rest assured that your task is being processed by professionals.

    As a photographer, you can take outsource editing services. In this way, you can indulge yourself in focusing on your job. And at the same time you make your customers happy with good photos. Thus, you allow yourself more time to create the best version of yourself.

    Experts heed to your need

    With a team consisting of stalwarts, we invest our time and resources to make our clients satisfied with our expertise. Our experts pay precise attention to every single project by following through with proper instruction. Maintaining this process, they complete the assigned task within specific deadlines.

    Receive professional services

    Every photographer is unique, so is his/her style. We are well aware of that and so we instruct our team to work accordingly.

    Our photoshop experts are attentive enough to follow those subtle differences and thus, they edit photos as per clients’ requirements. The ultimate purpose is to bring the best out of the photo by making it look natural.

    Get high-end edited images

    Top-quality edited images have demand in every marketing strategy. If it is online marketing, such images necessitate more.

    High-quality images are also required-

    In e-commerce sites
    They are completely dependent on high-quality images as their only means to showcase the product.

    For websites
    You want to increase your stickiness and average time on your website. To do that, you need good images. High-quality images will take time to load; low-quality images won’t fulfill your purpose.

    We provide images that are good in quality but low in size. These images will comply well with your websites. Your images will load properly according to the users’ devices. Thus, they will get a hold of your contents properly.

    For Social Medias
    Our processed images will help you carry out your performance marketing. You can use those images for social media as well as any advertisements and campaigns to engage your potential clients.

    Access to quality customer service

    We can assure you to have professional services from our end. We seal transparent deals with our clients and our pricing structure is fully open for anyone who wants to receive our services.

    We guarantee to sign non-disclosure agreements as per our clients’ requirements and maintain a proper privacy policy to avoid any uncertainties.

    In most cases, our clients partner up with us to receive a certain service. Later, they tend to maintain long-term relationships with us to hand off their next workloads.

    Strengthen your brand value

    If you are constantly uploading quality images of your products or services, chances are you are well-recognized by your customers.

    Good images help you uphold the brand value. And thus, you will be easily distinguished as a company or organization that prioritize potential clients’ visual examination of that product or service.

    Final Word

    We, Offshore Clipping Path, understand the traction of clients towards products’ images.

    By producing results second to none, we have gained clients’ utmost trust.

    We can help you go and grow.

    FAQ’s on Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

    Yes, we can help you finish your urgent workload. Just contact us and let’s talk it out.
    Outsourcing such services vary considering services’ complexity, workload, completion time etc. We provide this service under three levels- Simple, Medium, and Complex. Click here to estimate the price of your project with our interactive pricing calculator.
    Having ample knowledge and experiences has led us to offer professional editing services for those who are looking for outsourcing to hand over their workloads.
    Allowing your images to be edited will help you attract potential clients and get recognized by them. In the long run, it will help you increase your conversion rate.
    Outsourcing photograph editing means when you employ external professionals and hand over them to complete your image editing work.