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Offshore Clipping Path is a full-fledged professional photo editing service company online. Since its establishment in 2010, we have been assisting professional photographers, eCommerce business owners, studios, and agencies WORLDWIDE to accomplish their commercial purposes.

150+ trained photoshop experts are available 24/7 to provide top-notch image editing services online that will give you an edge in virtual competition. It’s fast, affordable, and time-saving! So, what are you waiting for?

Professional Photo Editing Services We Provide


Clipping Path

Clipping path is a photoshop process of cutting an object from an image containing corners or edges by creating a path. It is a demandable service for separating the subject due to precision and accuracy and for offering a complete solution to improve photo qualities.

Our assigned photoshop experts team pays heed to this task of intricating steps and ensures high-quality service. The pricing range for clipping paths varies between $0.23 to $9.80.

Photo Retouching

Perfect raw images are hard to come by. Flaws and errors are normal to occur and professional to remove. Professional photo retouch can change the whole scenario and help to create stunning and stellar images. Thus, e-shop owners rely on digital photo retouching services.

Photo retouching works enhance the appearance of products’ images which are convenient to use in promotional works, attracting viewers. Our retouchers complete this task in between $0.48 to $5.59.


Ghost Mannequin

If you have an online clothing store, you already know the immense importance of having real looking clothing photography. It helps engage more clients. Our Ghost Mannequin effect service will create a believable figure-shaped volume/ 3d vibe for your apparel products.

Thus, we help remove figures from the image and add a convincingly natural look under this service. The pricing starts from $0.48 to a maximum of $2.10.

Background Removal

Background removal is the process of separating the subject from its background and using it in a preferable background for a cleaner, sharper, and modified look. Our highly-trained team of graphic designers provides the best service for our international clients.

This service is available for adding a single-color background or an image backdrop that’s contextual to the product or subject at hand. And the service cost between $0.23 to $9.80.


Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a subtle work with grave impact. Our drop shadow service brings a more general yet realistic view by highlighting the parts that need to be focused on and creates visual effects that appear as real shadows in the image.

With the utmost precision, our assigned experts adjust the proportion between the shadow and the object and bring out the real appearance of a product. This service cost between $0.24 to $0.98.

Image Masking

Image Masking is a non-destructive photo editing process to separate a subject by removing certain elements from its background. It is different from background removal, more meticulous and in-depth work, and required for images with fur, hair, tree branches, or something like these.

Our service helps highlight the product, remove distractions, enhance the image’s visual appeal, and captivate potential buyers. Order cost starts from $0.48 to $3.50.


These guys are true experts in Photoshop projects.
They move quickly and their deliveries are super

Rachel Jones, Drive Studio

Our Simple 3-step Process

Hit FREE TRIAL for sending your sample. You will get a unique Custom Quote based on your image volumes and complexities.

Once we receive the project, we will assign a team to process those right away so that you get the files within the deadline.

Before submission, we go for countless revisions, to ensure it’s up to the mark. Then, it’s ready for you to download.

Our Industry-Centric Services

Photo Editing Services for Ecommerce

Ecommerce business owners need images of products that are clearly visible and contain well-described information. That’s why they look for ecommerce image editing services, infographic services.

We ensure high-quality images that are suited for SEO optimization and gain a positive impression.

Professional Photo Editing Services for Photographers

Photo shooting and editing- doing both at a time is troublesome when you have clients queuing up. A photo editing partner will help empower your potential. Thus they collaborate with us, it saves them time and hassle. Both of us do what we do best.

Post Production Services for Photography Studio

A studio is the commercial home for photographers. Studio owners generally have a lot to deal with- making schedules, arranging the equipment, on-time appointments, product preparation, product staging, and so on. They team up with us so that they can ease up with their schedule.

Photography Editing Services for Fashion Industry

Products like clothing, jewelry, and shoes are always appealing for people. So, businesses of fashion industries require tons of photos for numerous works. Our digital image editing service helps make the images glamorous, fulfil their target and make them happy.

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Their impact on my complex Photoshop works was a
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Ian Smith | Hurley, Australia

Who Should Be Your Outsourcing Photo
Editing Partner?

Photo editing is a whole new story; a new phase for photography. Your photo editing partner should be the one who is experienced, knowledgeable, and expert in photo editing works.

An adept photo editor takes charge of your order, finalizes the task without blunders; makes your images desirable and ideal enough to fit for advertising and marketing.

We, Offshore Clipping Path, have combined our competence and skills from our years of experience. Thus, merging those all together, we emphasize our clients’ demands to ensure excellence and perfection.

Not to brag, but our ethics and etiquette have set us apart from traditional service providers and made us one of the USA’s trustworthy photo editing services providers.

We are confident to provide you with the best results and ensure that you will be proud to have us as your partner. So, feel free to share with us the complicated part of photography.

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