Apparel photography plays a very important role in e-commerce photography. Making any mistake here may cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, flawless photography is an art that needs to master by photographers with time. In this post, we will discuss how to improve apparel photography. Let’s start

Basic Techniques for Improving Apparel Photography

There are a few basic techniques for improving apparel photography instantly. Today I will write about five such techniques here in this article.

Prepare the product:

Preparing the products for e-commerce photography is important. No matter which product you are capturing. If your subject is fashion related then it is even more important to showcase it with as much perfection as possible where need a perfect photo composition. To prepare your apparel products, try to iron the clothes so that it looks smooth and leaves no edges. This will help you to get better quality images for your apparel products.

Use a mannequin or model:

At times, photographers do not bother having a mannequin or live model for their clothing photography. To be honest, this technique can improve your photography a thousand times better than others. Using ghost mannequin or model is a must for apparel photographers. You use it for once and then realize the difference.

Ghost Mannequin Types - Offshore Clipping Path

Provide enough light:

When you are capturing clothes as your subject, try to provide as much light as possible in the image or the scenario. If you notice closely, red may occur in different shades with different light scale. And it is not just red but any other color would have different shades under the different light. This is why having the right scale of light is important while doing apparel photography.

Use the correct camera setting:

This is not only important for apparel photography but also important for other kinds of photography. Each photograph needs perfect camera setting on it to have a unique look. Without having that, none can capture good images. Same goes with apparel photographers. Make sure to have a perfect camera setting before snapping your perfect product image.

Proper ghost mannequin editing:

Many photographers think that editing is not a part of photography or it is not an ethical thing to do. In my opinion, this idea is completely wrong. Editing is a part and parcel of photography nowadays. Having good editing skills works as a soft skill for photographers. In the case of apparel photography, ghost mannequin photo editing is a very essential thing to do. Proper editing can improve your images a lot.

These five tricks would help any apparel photographer to perform better in their relevant field. Plus, each photographer’s uniqueness adds value to their work.

Happy photographing!