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Image Masking is a non-destructive process for separating hair, fur, wool from its background. It gives you precise control of how and where photo editing adjustments take place.

Offshore Clipping Path offers a photoshop image masking service for images with ensured uniformity and naturalness in images. We ensure clients receive improved quality service for their images, and the viewers’ attention remains put on the object so that you get time saved, cost cut and grow your business to the next level!

Photoshop Image Masking Services We Provide


Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking, also known as Raster Masking, is required for images that have pointed or sharp edges like fur-made dolls, Christmas trees, etc. It is another technique for isolating the subject from its background.

After the object has been separated, it can be edited under different channels for adjusting contrast, brightness, colors, etc. The edited file size is comparatively light, which is convenient for uploading or downloading.

Advanced or Complex Layer Masking

We call this Hair Masking Service as well because this service mostly deals with images having furs or hairs. These are soft, thin, and have delicate points. Such materials are difficult to edit, so these need subtle level masking.

Under our advanced or complex layer masking, we do this task. Paying undivided attention to every little detail and every subtle point, we extract an object from its background and keep it natural.


Translucent & Transparency Masking

Some transparent, translucent products are difficult to locate in the image at first glance. Under this masking service, we remove the background images, isolate the object and place it on a compatible one where it gets focused.

This is one intricate photo editing process. Images having see-through objects, lighting, glass, ice bar, etc., require this service. Different online shops, ecommerce stores, and ad firms mostly seek this service.

Collage Masking

Our Collage Masking service involves the work of merging. First, we extract objects from their backgrounds and then merge those into one, followed by placing them on a uniform background. The results ended up in a message-giving image.

During the process, we adjust various necessary effects like color, exposure, contrast, retouch, and so on. Such service is especially suited for commercial purposes like leaflets, brochures, catalogs, online portals, etc.


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Why Is Image Masking Necessary?

Highlight The Object

First impressions matter. That’s why online businesses rely on images to clarify the website’s target of driving traffic. Masking an image displays your products and services in their best light. Thus it helps enhance the focal point of your photos.

Impact on Business Identity

Image masking service helps make a strong impact on e-commerce businesses. It removes distracting elements from the background of the image. Clear and quality images can display the product, its purpose quickly and thus increase audience engagement and conversion.

Helps Target the Right Audience

E-commerce represents the lion’s share of the global economy. Those who are looking to expand their e-businesses can do so by displaying quality visuals of product/ service images to target the right audience. This is where our unmatched photoshop masking service can assist you.

Attract Fashionistas Across The World

Fashion is all about aesthetics. Who doesn’t want to look fashionable? If your product is one of those that goes well with concurrent trends, take full advantage of that. With our masking services, we help make your product appealing, gorgeous and tempting.

Utilize Your Time Efficiently

As a professional, your time is valuable. Post-production is time-consuming and hard work. Doing this over and over again by yourself or handing it over to the professionals who are experts in this industry- which option do you think is better?

Get Quality Images

To engage viewers, you need to create visually pleasing and impressive content. Our image masking service is compatible with all types of commercial industry. With the high-quality after edited images, you can show consistency with your work.

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We, Offshore Clipping Path, can differentiate the factors that make your brand unique from others.

Thus, we provide image masking services tailored only for your brand.

This service makes a major difference in images’ quality and presentation.

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