When we speak of holidays, all the hype is usually centered around Christmas.

But Easter — A.K.A. Spring Break — is also a well-celebrated holiday, making it one of the best retail periods of the year.

In recent years, people started to put more and more money to prepare for Easter.

In fact, did you know that last year, US consumers planned to spend $18.1 billion on Easter celebrations?

That’s how strong of a pull the Easter holiday has on consumers.

In this guide, we’re going to share with you several strategies to help you sell better for the up and coming Easter Holiday.

Five tips to skyrocket your Easter sales

1. Research your consumer all over again

You’ve probably already done some consumer research. However, during times of high stress, such as the holiday season, your consumer behaviour could easily start to change.

This becomes more apparent as the holiday draws closer.

Research the changes in their behavior and how you can use these changes to maximize your profits.

It’ll prove useful, even in holidays to come.

2. Hold events and competitions with an Easter twist

You can hold events, sales, webinars, make video tutorials, and hold contests to draw attention to your company.

However, everything must be done with an Easter twist.

For example, instead of regular competitions, you can hold Easter Egg competitions. The ‘Eggs’ can be anything as far as they’re hidden with hints.

Hold events and competitions with an Easter twist

You can make video tutorials and teach them how to use your products. But instead of any random products, choose a product that can be used during Easter.

Get creative.

3. Double down on your preparations

If you sell on any e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon, e-Bay, etc., you’ll find that the competition gets even stiffer during the holidays. This happens even with your own business website.

However, you can be one step ahead by taking advantage of the few weeks before the holidays.

Stock up on products, optimize your listings, take inventory, optimize your website, run speed tests, etc.

The only way to beat the competition and make this holiday as profitable as possible is always to be prepared.

4. Use paid ads, social media and referral programs

You can use paid ads on all platforms to generate interest in your products. However, to use paid ads optimally, consumer research is needed.

You need to know what social media your target audience use, their age range, and what items they need during Easter.

This way, you’ll be able to shape your ad into something that’ll convince them to buy.

Referral programs involve paying others to promote your product. A percentage of what you sell through them is theirs.

This is a common but effective way to bring in buyers.

Use paid ads, social media and referral programs

5. Expedite your shipping

Easter’s only a few days away at this point. Your customers probably want their goods delivered as soon as possible.

If you can offer this option, even at extra cost, you may make a big impression on them. It might also be enough to get them to refer you to other people.


And there you have it. Five ways to help you make more sales this Easter. While you implement these tips, keep in mind that you should also keep track of your website’s progress.

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