Imagine a situation where you are selling products online, mostly on Amazon, and you are losing customers due to poor presentation of your product photography for the motive of sales. Would you want to experience this imagination in reality? Of course, not!

In virtual business platforms like Amazon, very little things can make you money and cost you loss.

Photographs of the products are the only way of showcasing the items to potential customers on online platforms. Thus, the photographs need to be lucrative enough to create the first impression.

 Few Tips How Amazon Product Photography can be Enhanced

  • The right set of photography equipment
  • Zero uses of wide-angle lenses
  • Right aperture
  • Flawless lightning
  • Careful background selection
  • White balance
  • Shadows
  • Added features
  • Macro mood and many more

Amazon Product image Infographic

Essential photography equipment:

A lot of affordable DSLR cameras for product photography are available in the market nowadays. Having a well-equipped camera with a tripod is a fundamental part as it will help you to capture your products in the way you want it to be shown.

No uses of wide-angle lenses:

Uses of wide-angle lenses may be harmful to Amazon product photography. There is a high chance that this will distort your image. You would definitely not want anybody to see distorted images of your product on Amazon.

Right aperture:

The image which will describe your product to your customers may lose dept if the aperture of the picture is not properly set. Your image will go out of focus if it has a wide aperture than regular. In that case, the image will be of no use.

Product Photography Lighting:

Lighting is always very important in the case of product photography and it demands different treatments for different products. The need for light for diamond jewelry and light for leather shoes will never be the same. However, both the products have similar importance on the light during photo shoot.

Background selection:

Background of any product image plays a massive role. If the background doesn’t go with the image, then this can be extremely disturbing for the customers.

The background should depend on the light and product of the image.

White balance:

White balance is another important thing to maintain in your image. If your image looks too white or less white then it may ruin the interest of your customers.


Shadow factor of an image is as important as white balance. Paying a similar sort of attention to the shadow of any product image is very important as it can also affect your product equally as white balance.

Macro mode:

Amazon is a great marketplace for all kinds of products. Tiny products like earrings and others are also a large stakeholder in the market. The macro mood of any DSLR camera would enhance the quality of images that include your tiny products.

The points mentioned above can help you to get quality images for Amazon. Besides, post-production works can also help you to improve your product images.

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