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Offshore Clipping Path specializes in Ecommerce image editing of e-commerce products, jewelry, fashion, furniture and more. Our esteemed clientele includes global top apparel brands, product photographers, and photo studios. We provide image editing service for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Volusion, Weebly, etc.

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Daniel Washington These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Daniel Washington
Open Studios

Sara James We’ve worked with 2 other companies in the past, & none have offered the personal service that Offshore Clipping Path offers.

Sara James
Asics, USA

Ian Smith Their impact on my complex Photoshop works was a huge time saver, and I am excited to continue using their services.

Ian Smith
Hurley, Australia

Rachel Jones These guys are true experts at Photoshop works. They move quickly and their deliveries are super quality.

Rachel Jones
Drive Studio, France


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    E-commerce Image Editing Portfolio

    We differentiate ourselves from other image editing companies with our unique approach to split the editing process into objective and subjective steps. The goal is to increase consistency at scale while adhering to the client’s specific requirements.

    E-commerce Product Editing & Optimization Service at Offshore Clipping Path

    The Ecommerce image editing service is one of the key factors that win customers over to the company’s website. The general presentation of the product image has a very strong effect on the customer’s taste and final decision to click on your “BUY” button and boasts the volume of your online sales.

    The first contact a customer gets about you and your product on visiting your website is the product image. Therefore, within a short time of customer’s Google search, he would want to take immediate decisions based on the product image. So, your company’s e-commerce photograph must be an eye-catcher. Your company does not have to risk this opportunity by presenting just any product image. What is worth doing is worth doing well, they say. And as concerns e-commerce image, it’s worth hiring the services of a professional like Offshore Clipping Path to render image clipping path services to you.

    Ecommerce Image Editing

    How Does Image Clipping Help in E-commerce?

    With ecommerce image editing service, images are presented alive and better on the company website. Original copies of photographs are always associated with rowdy background and so on. But a professional will edit such a picture and add effects to the background before it will be uploaded on the website.

    There is no basis for comparison between pictures before they were edited and after editing. Just try to employ the service of a professional for editing your product photograph before uploading and you will be sure that you have not taken a wrong step.

    Image Clipping Services at Offshore Clipping Path

    Offshore Clipping Path is a company renowned in the act of editing and uploading images for online marketing. The skill of members of the team on graphics and design is so vast and will provide you with a good product picture for your e-commerce website.

    The treatment we give to pictures is such that will draws customers’ attention to the product. Its USP will be brought to light through the image that will be uploaded. We understand the effect this has on the mind of customers, so we work on the picture with the utmost expertise. The high technological Ecommerce image editing our team will accord your product that hypnotizing look that no customer can overlook on your website.

    These are the eCommerce Image Editing Service We Render:

    • Image tracing
    • Background removal
    • Color correction
    • Mirror image creation
    • Image masking
    • Dropping Shadow
    • Photo Retouching
    • Amazon Infographic Design

    As a man cannot survive without air, so will e-commerce websites lacking proper ingredients not stand the competition of the online business. Fascinating images will enable your E-commerce website to stand the competitors in the global market. By the time the images on your E-commerce website are interesting and bring out the best qualities of your products, visitors to the site will be persuaded to buy.

    Offshore Clipping Path is an expert in clipping path outsourcing and understands how important it is on the website. Commit this responsibility in our hands and be certain that the service will get in returns second to none.

    The Crux of the Matter

    According to MDG, E-Commerce Product Image Editing guarantees you great image content which causes 94% more customers to visit your website. So, what could be better than this? This is one of the commitments of Offshore Clipping Path – to showcase you quickly through image editing and uploading, and then your business will make money for you faster.

    Tap into this Mine of Opportunity and Present Your Best in Online Photo Editing

    According to research, product editing service accounts for up to 150% of customers who visit websites, investigates advertisements and eventually buy products. Therefore, the product images and information pages which appear in your advertisement online are very important and should be handled with professionalism. At Offshore Clipping Path, we help in presenting these images and information in a manner that your products and advertisements will be compelling and attract more business to you.

    Making the Best out of Web Image by Professionals

    Do not settle for mediocrity. Not even in the global market. Just having pictures isn’t enough. Your customers will take you seriously and know that you mean business if your images are uploaded professionally. Quality images make people glue to your website and eventually click your “Buy” button. This will not happen if the quality of your images is poor with the crowed background.

    This is why we are here. No matter how the images are, with our web image editing techniques, we’d brush it up and present a very appealing image worthy of your customers’ time. E-commerce Product Images Editing service is our profession. So, let’s handle these for you: photo masking, image manipulation, shadow making, photo retouching, clipping path, background removal, image conversion, color adjustment, and photo editing gallery. We are committed to delivering quality and affordable service as long as reviving online business is a concern.

    Free Your Creative Side

    If you want to take your Ecommerce image editing to the next level, then let us talk. At Offshore clipping path, we offer a full range of services that will make you maximize your online business. We have a way of shuffling lots of your product images and give them the desired editing touch which will make the product appear wonderful. Part of our team is dedicated to retouching pictures with clipping paths and original PSDs so that the uniqueness of the product will be seen through the adverts.

    Universal Expertise

    Our Photo retouching team knows the nitty-gritty of every image format ranging from tiff to BMP. No matter the size, type or resolution of your image, do not worry! Just pass it on to us and we’d bring out the best out of the image and deliver it to you in many formats including our PSDs with saved masks, paths, and selections, high-resolution PNGs with transparent backgrounds and web-optimized jpg and gif. Our clientele base is large, and our track record speaks for us over the years because we handle the specific needs of our customers.

    Be Confident In Our Edited Product Images Quality

    I am sure you will never have an e-commerce product editing service better elsewhere. Let us at Offshore Clipping Path handle your product images. We are so certain that you will be satisfied. We’d work on your first two products for free.

    What are you waiting for?

    Procrastination can be very dangerous and is not good for business. Make that move and contact us. Don’t be deterred by the cost because we are affordable. Contact Offshore Clipping Path today and see how we can help your company in E-commerce.