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Are you in trouble with thousands of your product images and don’t know how to process these? We are here to share your trouble! We provide the best kind of ecommerce image editing services regardless of the amount of the image and time limit.

Offshore Clipping Path has years of experience with product photo editing. We have satisfied countless clients and still counting. For any kind of image editing services, you can reach out to us to get professional-level work. Your images will represent you and your brand and we are here to make your images presentable.

Ecommerce Product Image Editing Services We Provide

We have all kinds of services that you might need if you deal with e-commerce photography. We offer a wide range of services for your images. Be it creating a clipping path or adding a shadow; we won’t disappoint you. You can expect the best quality of work at the most affordable price. Let’s dive into details and explore these amazing services!


Clipping path

Creating clipping path is one of the most common photoshop works that is done in product photography. This task can be simple or complex based on the nature of the image. Whatever it is, we provide clipping path service for any kind of image. And rather than relying on AI, we create our own clipping path with the pen tool.

Our clipping path service includes –

  • – Image cut out
  • – Multiple paths in one image
  • – Any kind of handmade clipping path

Image Masking

Image masking is hiding a particular area of an image. This might be needed for so many reasons like hiding or revealing a specific area. We do image masking with great care. If you need to cut out an area of an image or edit any area, we’re here to create masking for you.

Under image masking services, we offer –

  • – Image cut out
  • – Complex masking including hair
  • – Editing a particular area of an image

Photo Background Removal

Removing background or creating transparent images or changing the background are all done regularly in ecommerce photography. Removing image background can be done in many ways. We make use of different tools for different kinds of images, depending on the complexity of the image. This process also allows for the removal of any part from an image.

Here’s what we’re offering –

  • – Create transparent image
  • – Replace the background
  • – Remove simple to complex background
  • – Remove unwanted parts from an image

Ghost Mannequin Effect

If you have used a mannequin while shooting your product and now don’t want to keep the mannequin, you can easily get that done by us. We’ll remove the mannequin and add the back collar and sleeve. Our flawless finishing will look natural. We smoothen the clothing by removing wrinkles too.

Check out what you can expect –


Shadow Creation

Shadows create drama in images. Adding shadows makes the image look more realistic. All our shadows are hand-painted and that’s the reason those look realistic. We don’t rely on the built-in tool for creating shadows. You don’t need to think about anything; we’ll match and fix the shadow with the light.

Our shadow creation services include –

  • – Manually created shadow
  • – Create a realistic drop shadow
  • – Fix the angle and position of the shadow

Product Photo Retouching

Product photo retouching basically clean-up the image and makes that presentable. We provide photo retouching services as well as high-end retouching. These services are available mostly for product and fashion photography. Removing spots and blemishes, removing wrinkles, and unwanted healing scratches are all done under retouching.

Here’s what you’ll get –

  • – High-end photo retouching
  • – Remove spots and blemishes
  • – Heal any area of an image

Product Photo Color correction

Color correction is crucial for product photography. It not only brings the original color of the product but also makes the product more appealing. We do accurate photo color correction, which will pop up your images. If you need to change the color or the texture of your images, you can get that from here too.

Our color correction services include –

  • – Changing the color of the image
  • – Changing the texture of the image
  • – Fix the color to match the original product

Amazon Product Infographic Design

Product infographic design has great potential to boost the selling. It shows the information about the product in brief which is a smart way to introduce the product to the customers. We will create amazon product infographics for your images that can beat your competitors.

The services you’re getting here –

  • – Highlighting product features
  • – Showing product package content
  • – Customized image infographic design

360 Degree Product Photo Editing

To give your images a unique look, you might want to try 360 image editing. This effect gives the customers a 3D look. Our expert team creates 360-degree images that show all the dimensions of a product. Our exclusive product 3D spin editing will take your image to the next level.

Check out our services –

  • – 360 image editing
  • – Creating 3D product image
  • – Making GIF with product images

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Before delivering the work, we will check and re-check the work to make sure it’s up to the embark. And then it’s ready to download!

Why Need to Outsource Ecommerce Product Image Editing?

If you want to go a long way in the e-commerce world, be it business or photography, outsourcing e-commerce product images editing is essential. Before publishing, images need to be touched up. Here’s the reason you need to edit e-commerce product images –

Professional work

Only experts can produce professional-level work and help you survive in the market.


Handing over the editing part can save a huge amount of time of yours.


Outsourcing editing can save a lot of your unnecessary shooting expenses.


Getting images edited from a particular place maintains the quality of the images.

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We believe in you! Your satisfaction is our success.
That’s why ensuring the delivery of quality service is
essential to us. This is what you get from us-

  • Free Trial
  • Fast turnaround
  • Client service 24/7
  • Privacy assurance
  • Bulk discount
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Smooth ordering process
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Top-quality and professionally edited photo
  • Emphasis on clients’ demand and perfection

Our company has been working with you for about 4 years and the quality and experience has been fantastic! the turnaround time is truly so fast. you make it super easy and are ALWAYS so helpful! On behalf of Echo, we thank you and look forward to many more years of our working relationship.

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You’ll find so many photo editing services available online. Offshore clipping path is one of the best among them. Our team is exceptionally good at what they do. Our photo editing experts work with full dedication to producing top-notch work.

We have satisfied thousands of clients already and still doing. Our top priority is to deliver the best quality of work to our clients. We can assure you of total transparency and commitment throughout the process of working with us.

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