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How to add Reflection Shadow in Photoshop

Realistic Shadows may sound like a very minor thing to a person who is just starting his online store but what most entrepreneurs forget is one of the secrets behind a booming business is to focus on every single detail. According to multiple statistics, shadows can indeed leave a huge impact on your online business. […]

What is shutter speed in photography

Whether you are a beginner photographer or not, it’s almost certain that you have used shutter speed on your camera more than you realize. Most cameras have the option to set the shutter speed manually using numbers displayed on the shutter settings. But how do they work? What value should you really be looking for […]

Why OCP is Perfect for Drop Shadows

Raw images have become very old fashioned. In this day and age, we are drawn towards image manipulation and post-production is a brimming industry now. Original images are tweaked and tampered with to create alluring visual effects while maintaining a natural stance. Offshore Clipping Path is one of the best drop shadow service provider. Let […]