Photography Studio Basic Idea- Things you Should Know Before Creating your Own


Photography studio is a second home for each and every photographer around the world. No matter how much a photographer enjoys working on outdoor projects, at the end of the day photo studio is where [...]

Photoshop Color Correction Tutorial – How make e-commerce Photos Stunned to Your Customer!


Photoshop Color Correction Tutorial: Step by Step Process   Step One: Open image in Photoshop   Step Two: Select the image. Press ctrl and click path one   Step Three: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open feather and set feather radius [...]

Amazon Product Image Requirements – Every Seller Needs to Know in 2021


There is no doubt is the largest eCommerce portal in the world today. It is used by millions of small, medium and prominent manufacturers and product/service marketers around the globe. In the USA alone, as [...]

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